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2011 Sierra Vista Open

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The Sierra Vista Table Tennis Club would like to thank everyone for their participation in last years very successful event.  We had 60 participants!  What a fine group of people.


We would especially like to thank all the SVTTC members who brought in food and beverages for everyone. We even had some left over, so someone didn't eat their proper share.


In addition we would like to thank the following SVTTC members for helping me put this all together and who helped keep it running smoothly, Linda Jones, Janet Kemph, AL Douglas , Joe and Rose Mika. The games started promptly at 10:00 AM and did not complete until 5:30 PM, even though, I believe we were using all the tables continuously! We played some where around 350 matches total.

The results are as follows:


Ken Holman/Claudia Mclean - Gold

Paul Gerdes/Henry Sprehe - Silver

Ken Girton/Richard Ramirez - Bronze


Women over 70 singles

 June Coe - Gold

Janet Kemph - Silver

Jean Moyers - Bronze


Women 60 - 69

 Laura Lowden - Gold

Marie Douglas - Silver

Cake Janssen - Bronz


Women 59 and under

 Reiko Lennartz - Gold

Ayako howard - Silver


Men 70 and over

 Jerry Sbara- Gold

John Wilson - Silver

Ruben Hunter - Bronze


Men 60 - 69

 Ken Holman - Gold

Larry Smith - Silver

Greg Hlusko - Bronze


Men 59 and under

 Paul Gerdes - Gold

Scott Hunter - Silver

Doug stephens - Bronze